Founded in 2005 by brothers Waldeyres and Betto in Brasília, DF, Brazil. Tekilahell is a metal group influenced by Doom, Groove Thrash, Stoner, Death, and Heavy Metal.

Their debut ep, was recorded in late Fall of 2007. In September 2012, the band launches their ep "LIVE IN STUDIO".

After releasing the single song, “Rebel”, earlier month of April 2014, the group unleashed their first full length entitled “Doomed” on April 29.

On 03 October 2015, Tekilahell released his latest work, the album "Beyond The Grotesque" with nine tracks: "Burn Your Soul", "Beyond The Grotesque", "Illusion After The Fall", "Too Late To Be Saved" "Death Rider", "Cradle of City," "You're Falling", "Astral Ghost" and "Over Again".

Today formed by:

Waldeyres Oliveira & Betto Oliveira
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